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What we are doing currently ?

Cyprus Geek Team

Cyprus Geek Team was founded in February 2016 aka C.G.T

After years of experience and 3 years of networking in the south part of the island, we have finally managed to make our first move and bring a group of people who have different proficiencies together due to same interests and provide organization services to companies which want to create geek related events. Ali Soyturk and Hasan Arkan are founder of Cyprus Geek Team.

The Meaning of Geek

What is Geek?

If you like to watch superhero movies and TV series like Games of Throne, if you are gamer and gaming any console or platform! If you know at least two characters below then you are %100 Geek!

We Want To Influence And Impress People Who Mıght Interest In Geek Related Events. There Is An Establıshed Geek Communıty In The South And Its Tıme To Create Our Own Communıty Here In The North. We Want To Help Boost The Geek Related Industry Here. For Example People Who Wants To Do Cosplay, Buy Comıc Books And Actıon Fıgures. People Who Wısh To Show Theır Craftıng Talents. Gıve Opportunıtıes To Artısts Who Draw And Craft Geek Related Items. We Would Lıke To Provıde An Alternatıve To Entertaınment. Brıng Popular Culture To Northern Cyprus. San Dıego , New York , London Mcm And Tokyo Comıccon Are Most Known Geek Related Conventıons All Around The World.

What we are doing currently ?

have a look at our latest projects

Geek Fest 2017 – King’s Bowling (14 May 2017)

11 Torch Fest – Dikmen Belediyesi (13 July 2017)

Star Wars Last Jedi – Avenue Cinemax (13 December 2017 & 17 December2017)

Some Other Smaller Events.


Geek Fest 2018

We are going to organize Geek Convention and this convention will bring well known professional cosplayers to provide epic day for visitors! Entrance is free.

Professional Cosplayers coming from Spain, Netherland, Russia, Austria, Italy and Turkey.

14th of April 2018

King’s Bowling
Geek Convention (Geekcon) 12:00 –18:00

Lord’s MystiqueSisha House
Exclusive Party(250-300 PPL) - 22:00 –02:00

15th of April 2018

Lord’s BellaMarin
Geek Convention (Geekcon) 14:00-19:00

  • Adamae Dono
  • Adeline Frost
  • Aoki_Lifestream
  • Ashweecosplay
  • Casyatanya
  • Cathazel.y
  • Disharmonica
  • Faelablanche
  • Feyische
  • Fink_Fink_Fink
  • heiwajima.miru
  • itmestephanie
  • irine_meier
  • Kanra_Cosplay
  • Katssby
  • Katyafern
  • Lillybetrose
  • Lucy Lain
  • M_mellu
  • Merylsama
  • Narga_lifesteam
  • Oniksiya_Sofinikum
  • Sammycosplay
  • Tsukikagecosplay
  • Vincitore Cosplay
  • Valeriecosplay
  • Xenon_cosplay
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King’s Bowling Leisure Center Kyrenia / Cyprus

Phone number

+90 533 848 01 68